Horse shows, House sitting and Hurricanes...oh my.

Once again, it's been a busy week and a half. Last weekend was supposed to be our traditional September show at Barbara Lee's Valley Hill Farm (where we had Derby Day back in May) and I was so ready to take Madison to another show, especially since we had a great schooling the weekend before; I mean, really, it was MAYBE 15 minutes, but we w/t/c in the ring, she nabbed both leads on the first go (lets be real here, I've slacked a little on caring what lead we canter on since it doesn't usually matter in the hunt field), and I jumped her through a little grid line in the other ring twice, and then BOOM, done, because she was great.

Unfortunately, I forgot that on Thursday the 6th, I had scheduled a knee injection (because I'm a broken old lady after a few surgeries-seriously, someone pass me the Adequan plz) and needless to say, while I don't remember much of the day after the injection, the bruises left at the injection sites (3!) and inability still a week later to walk decently remind me that I had one heck of a time. Of course, this led to being quite unable to horse show, and I'll admit it, it left me sad and kind of jealous that a lot of my friends at the barn were out enjoying the day and the event and I was stuck at home icing my knee in between hobbling around.

If that wasn't enough, between classes, accompanying homework/quizzes, as well as work, I also started a 5 day long farm sitting/house sitting job for my old co-worker Chris, who has two horses, three dogs, and a few cats on her lovely little farm (that I wish I could buy and live on). She's off getting to experience WEG in Tryon, NC, and I'm taking care of things back home. It's not the first time I've critter sat at her farm (affectionately called Lucky Fucher Farm-ha!) I love being at her farm, because if the peacefulness isn't enough, I get some solid horse therapy time while I'm rebounding from the injections.

Of course, nothing can be totally easy while I'm out there, so we had to throw a hurricane into the mix! I'm sure many have heard of Hurricane Florence, or Flo' by now, and earlier in the week/last weekend, we weren't super concerned about it....buuuut Mother Nature has a fun way of shaking things up, so instead of just barely grazing us and maybe getting a rain shower or two, it's going to (maybe) move south/south west after making landfall today or tomorrow and then hit us a lot more directly, dumping anywhere from 4" to 12" on us (so say the weather forecasters, and everyone has a different opinion). Needless to say, after work today and tomorrow, I'll be cleaning stalls quite thoroughly, securing loose items in the barn and stuffing extra hay nets so I'm ready for whatever she throws our way...


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