Small Business Sunday: The Hangry Mare

My first "creation" from THM
Madison is basically a supermodel.
A few months back thanks to the wonders that is Facebook, I discovered a woman selling custom ear/fly bonnets, under the name 'The Hangry Mare.' Now, me being me, I love being able to match things up, especially when I'm going for a theme...and this one was 'America', because,'s America. We were also getting ready to go to a horse show that was conveniently happening on July 4th (you may recall, this is the one where I went back to my old roots of the hunter ring and proceeded to a) go 'wheeeee' in front of the judge when Madison took a long spot, and b) they were having a contest for the most patriotic). I didn't quite get the order placed in time to have the bonnet ready, but the finished product remains one of my all time favorite purchases.

Small but fancy logo, check!
B&W, perfect for Hunt Season
I especially love her shop because she not only has plenty of stock fly bonnets that are easy to ship out, but she has nothing short of a million options for color, trim, piping, bling, no bling, you name it, she's probably got it, and for a basic bonnet with trim & piping, she had it done and shipped within a week.

The quality on her work is nothing short of beautiful, with zero loops to have to thread things through, no strings to tie around bridle parts, but rather she uses silicone on the back of it to help 'grip', and while I was slightly skeptical at first, it does.not.move during the ride, no matter how sweaty it gets (which is a lot here in the Georgia summer). Not to mention, the fabric is this lovely mesh that breathes and washes incredibly well, and again, stands up to the GA heat and humidity and doesn't make any of the ponies extra sweaty.

She also gets bonus points from me for being able to make them in 'extra' oversize, i.e. big enough for the big ears of Madison and Bedford <3 My latest and greatest order was a "plain" black and white version, that would be better for horse shows (whenever we get back to those things) and even in the very earliest and then latest parts of hunt season, when the bugs are out and annoying even the most saintly horses, and for me, personally, when I can create something totally custom for $35 (no bling here...not yet anyway), it's a definite winner; which is basically why I had to share with ya'll about her amazing shop/creations. 

So, because small businesses are awesome, go check out her Etsy shop, create something fun, and wait for an awesome package to arrive with your creation and show it off around
the barn and wherever you go!

(Important disclaimer: no free product was given/traded for a review)


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