What's your Labor (day) of Love?

If you're like Bedford,
you want carrots for dayyyyyys!
With Labor Day approaching rapidly (and the resulting extended weekend from work and school), I'm looking forward to spending some quality time at home with my dogs, my SO, and of course, the horses! Since hunt season is rapidly approaching (64 days, ya'll!) I really need to take inventory of what things I have from last year, my first season, and what I need or want to buy for this year, so I know part of this weekend will include some deep dives into my closet/spare closet/downstairs hall closet to see where everything is/was flung and what needs cleaned/repaired/replaced.

Madison would like more bridle less
 & bareback trail rides
With all of that said, the aforementioned quality time with everyone human and animal alike will be nice; and I intend to spend part of my time this weekend at the barn, riding of course, but also giving the horses (my regulars, Madison, Bedford & Marshall) some much needed loving/grooming/trimming/all of that. Usually taking care of things like mane pulling, clipping the hair around their hooves and ears/bridle path/face gets saved for when we are getting ready to go somewhere, like a show or lesson with a guest trainer, though it does happen more regularly in the throes of hunt season, just so everyone is looking well cared for.

Nova and Parker are happiest
with extra naps

I've realized that I've been kind of slacking on that front, and while I'm sure the horses don't miss being fussed over extensively with that kind of thing, I know it makes me feel like a better 'Mom' when I take care of the ponies, even though I'm far from being their owner. So this Labor Day, I've decided will be a "Labor Day of Love" for both human and animal, with some spoiling for everyone, whether it's some clipping & mane pulling with extra treats throughout for the horses, extra belly rubs for dog Nova (who is a belly rub monster), or baking a special dessert for Michael. Saying all this, what's your plan for the long weekend? Is it work, relaxation, a vacation, or are you spending extra time with the ones you love the most?


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